Once upon a time there lived a young girl who loved to play dress up. Mesmerised by the beautiful traditional jewellery worn by the women around her, she would match her clothes with unique accessories because she loved the way they made her feel.

When she grew up, she embarked on a career that was heaven-sent because it required her to travel and brought her into contact with distinctive pieces of jewellery from around the globe. She bought them because they were striking and because they made her feel really special. It was then that she discovered a secret – that beautiful jewellery can touch a woman’s soul.

She decided to pass on the secret to the women of the world in her own extraordinary way. She bought beautiful jewellery from around the world and sold it to them. Over time, she began to understand what women want, and it inspired her to design her own distinctive line of jewellery.

Nature was her muse. Drawing from the perfect designs inherent in nature, she paid tribute to the creatures of land and sea by creating magnificent pieces that quickly found their way into the hearts of women and gained her a loyal following.

Thus was Suhara Jewel Art born.